A Medicines Use Review is a one to one, confidential meeting with a pharmacist which:       

  • Evaluates the medicines you take      
  • Allows you to ask questions and find out more about your medicines        
  • Looks at how you take your medicines       
  • Assesses how well your medicines work for you       
  • Helps with any problems you may have with your medicines      
  • May suggest an alternative medicine to the one you already take      
  • Ensures you take your medicines correctly and gain maximum benefits from them 

A Medicines Use Review is for people who:     

  • Regularly take more than one prescription medicine     
  • Take medicines for a long term illness (like asthma, arthritis or diabetes)

Even if you’re not in either of these groups, you can ask us for advice at any time

Following a Medicines Use Review:

  • Everything may be okay with your medicines and nothing else will need to happen       
  • If you have had problems with a medicine, you may agree with your pharmacist to change the way you take it       
  • We may recommend that your doctor reviews your medicines*

*If this is needed we will send a note to your doctor explaining the issues raised

To book a Free Medicines Review please call 01926 859 232 or contact us here

Find out more about Medicine Use Reviews here

01926 859 232

If you regularly take more than one prescription medicine (and have been receiving them from us for 3 months or more) you are entitled to a Free Medicines Use Review here at Leyes Lane Pharmacy 

Medicines Use Reviews

Understand your medicines and gain the maximum health benefits from them with a Free Medicines Use Review

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