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* NHS Commissioned

NHS Commissioned

Blood Pressure Testing

Keep your heart health in check with regular, accurate blood pressure screenings at our pharmacy.

Cholesterol & Diabetes

Cholesterol testing to assess heart health, providing insights for personalized treatment plans.

Ear Examinations

Thorough ear evaluations to detect potential issues and ensure optimal hearing health for all ages.

NHS Commissioned

Flu Vaccinations

Safeguard yourself and your loved ones with our flu vaccinations, staying healthy year-round.

NHS Commissioned

Extended Care Services

Customized, compassionate support for patients managing health conditions and needs.

Malaria Tablets

Ensure your well-being during travel with our effective malaria prevention options and advice.

NHS Commissioned

Emergency Contraception

Visit Leyes Lane Pharmacy today for professional & confidential emergency contraception services.

Botanical Health Dispensary

Botanical Health Dispensary’s aim is to deliver a better service where medical cannabis is concerned.

Phlebotomy Services

Expert on-site blood draw services for diagnostic tests and health screenings in a comfortable setting.

Foot Health Practitioner

Expert care for a range of foot issues, promoting overall foot health, comfort, and mobility.

Young People

Specialized services addressing the unique health needs and concerns of young individuals.

Free Healthy Living Advice

Receive expert guidance and recommendations to help you make informed, healthier choices.

Travel Health Advice

Enjoy travelling with personalized health tips and recommendations tailored to your destination.

Video Consultations​

Convenient, remote access to our pharmacists for professional advice, support, and consultations.


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