Botanical Health Dispensary

Leyes Lane Pharmacy has affiliated with Botanical Health Dispensary to dispense private prescriptions for cannabis-based medical products.



Botanical Health Dispensary’s aim is to offer more affordable dispensing and deliver a better service than is currently available where medical cannabis is concerned.

The service at Botanical Health Dispensary is centred around the patient and their families, and that service offers much more than just a prescription.

At Botanical Health Dispensary, the individuals running the service understand medical cannabis and understand what it’s like to be a patient or have a patient in the family. They know how important good communication is to you, and so keep in touch every step of the way.


More Information

Botanical Health Dispensary gives patients and doctors more choice about fulfilling medical cannabis prescriptions, with expert and independent dispensing from people who care.

In the UK, medical cannabis can be prescribed for a range of health conditions where there is an unmet need – this means when previously prescribed pharmaceutical medications have not worked or provided relief for patients.

Medical cannabis can be prescribed for people living with pain, psychiatric and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, for people living with neurological conditions such as spasticity and migraine, for people with cancer, for those receiving palliative care and for children living with severe epilepsy.

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